Safety Information




Do Not remove safety labels from mat or bungee/shock cord.

Please read this owners manual before using your  WOW Floating Mat.

Like boating, you need to put Safety first when using your WoW Floating Mat. 

Please read the following safety tips prior to using your WoW Floating Mat. 

1) The WoW Floating Mat is not a flotation device for children and poor swimmers.

2) Supervise children at all times. 

3) Never leave children without adult supervision.

4) Ensure children use suitable life jackets.

5) The WoW Floating Mat is not designed to be used in swimming pools. 

6) It is recommended that all WoW Floating Mat users wear a personal floatation device (PFD).

7) Using the WOW Floating Mat involves inherent risks of injury. 

8) Owners and users of the WoW Floating Mat assume all risks of injury and damage to property.

9) Use your WoW Floating Mat:

a) in a large body of water (not a swimming pool) with a minimum depth of 3 metres;

b) in an area away from watercraft traffic;

c) in an area free from hazards including, but not limited to, rocks, weeds, logs, sand bars and other objects; 

d) only in large bodies of water where swimming is permitted and there are no waves;

e) by using the maximum tether/bungee cord length (3m) to keep the WoW Floating Mat clear from the boat’s or other hard surfaces. 

f) by attaching the tether/bungee cord directly to your own mooring or similar object; and

g) by attaching a highly visible buoy and/or flags to the WOW Floating Mat. The WoW Floating Mat should always be kept visible on the water.

10) When using your Wow Floating Mat:

a) When using your WoW Floating Mat:

c) Do not tow, pull or push the WoW Floating Mat by any type of watercraft;

d) Do not swim under the Mat;

e) Do not jump or dive onto the WoW Floating Mat from a boat, wharf, jetty or similar object;

f) Do not jump or dive off the WoW Floating Mat;

g) Do not leave the WoW Floating Mat tethered while unattended;

h) Do not use the WoW Floating Mat when your boat engine is running;

i) Do not use the WoW Floating Mat during storms, lightning, high winds or in the dark;

j) Do not enter the water or use the WoW Floating Mat alone;

k) Do not stretch the /tether/bungee cord/shock cord system more than 20% as it may cause injury and pull mounting out of mat.

l) Do not remove any warning labels; or

m) Do not use the WoW Floating Mat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11) Always remove the WoW Floating Mat from the water when not in use.

12) Always secure and store the WoW Floating Mat when not in use.

13) The WoW Floating Mat is not to be used for Commercial use.

14) The WoW Floating Mat weighs approximately 14.5kg so we recommend that two adults carry the mat.