WOW Floating Mat - Orange and Green Mat

WOW Floating Mat - Orange and Green Mat


WoW Floating Mats have standardised on our most popular colour.

Orange & Green


Colour of your mat may fade over time but in no way impact the use of the mat.



Product Features Overview

Orange & Green Mat.jpg

Mat Thickness & Finish

  • Approx. 3.3cm thick Premium Grade “Cross Linked” polyethylene foam gives high floatation

  • Rugged outer surface reduces surface damage


Tether/bungee cord/shock cord System:

3 meter (approx.) bungee cord to stop your mat floating away. Attach mat to safe locations. The tether/bungee cord/shock cord is pre-installed.


Straps for stowing matt when not in use.



Safe Net (or layer of mesh) adds reinforcement to the foam providing puncture through and rip-stop resistance.